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Sexual assault occurs when someone touches another person sexually without their consent. These offences apply to young people and adults. The distribution offence carries a penalty of up to two years in prison, and the new offence of threatening to distribute carries a penalty of up to one year in prison. These exceptions do not apply in relation to images depicting a criminal offence such as a sexual assault.

Teenagers aged 16 or 17 can marry only if their parents or guardian agree, their partner is at least 18 and a court agrees the situation is special enough to allow the marriage — pregnancy may not be enough. The court considers things like how long the couple has been together, their maturity, financial situation and how independent they are from their parents.

If the court agrees, they must marry within three months. Those under 18 may be able to get contraception, like the pill, from a doctor. Anyone can buy condoms at any age; most chemists and supermarkets sell them. Girls need to know they have options and people they can talk to, such as a counsellor, nurse or doctor. They can choose to keep the baby, adopt it out or have an abortion. There is no legal minimum age for keeping a baby or having an abortion. If the mother is under 16, a loved one concerned about their welfare or the baby can call the Department of Human Services.

Abortion is legal in Victoria up to 24 weeks and after 24 weeks in some rare circumstances. A father is legally responsible for financially supporting their child.

If proven to be the father, they must pay child support until the child is It does not matter if the person being penetrated consents to the act. Sexual penetration means putting any part of the penis into the vagina, anus or mouth.

It also means putting any part of an object or another part of the body, for example, finger or tongue, into the vagina or anus of another person. The penetration can be just the tip of the finger or penis and can happen for even a very short time.

It does not matter if semen comes out or not. If you do not consent to sex, it is rape whatever the relationship between you and the other person. A man can be guilty of raping his wife or girlfriend. Indecent assault covers sexual acts other than sexual penetration, such as touching your breasts or bottom without your agreement.

Incest happens when an act of sexual penetration is done with a close relative, for example, a father, stepfather, grandfather or brother. These are offences that are committed against young people under Send her a flirt! Emikyxx's dating profile Location: Sunbury , Melbourne , Victoria , Australia. Send him a flirt! Diveforever's dating profile Location: South Wharf , Melbourne , Victoria , Australia.

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